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The IRLEN Method

irlen kidIrlen® Spectral Colored Overlays remediate Irlen® Syndrome. The use of Irlen® Spectral Colored Overlays is not a method for teaching reading and does not replace reading instruction or remediation. Using the correct colored overlay(s) will remove a barrier to learning so one can read with fluency and comprehension. This sounds simple but choosing the right overlay color, or combination of overlays, requires knowledge and training. Choosing the wrong color can make no difference or even make things worse.

Colored overlays are only one part of the Irlen® Method. They can be used for reading but not for math, copying, writing, spelling, and computer use. If color is helpful, wearing Irlen® Spectral Colored Filters will provide greater benefits in more areas, such as depth perception, sports performance, driving, night driving, and computer fatigue. Certified Irlen® Diagnosticians use an almost limitless number of spectral filters to determine a color combination to be worn as glasses. This method determines the exact wavelengths of light to which a person is uniquely sensitive and filters only these colors. Problems of light sensitivity, computer strain, and poor depth perception also improve with Irlen® Spectral Colored Lenses.

Take our Self Assessment

Individuals who answer "yes" to three or more of the following during reading or computer work may benefit from the Irlen Method:

Skips words or lines
Rereads lines
Loses place
Trouble tracking
Easily disractedMakes more errors
Trouble with reading comprehension
Reads slowly
Gets tired or sleepy
Blinks or squints
Reads with head close to the page
Rubs eyes after reading
Prefers to read in dim light
Uses a finger or other marker when reading
Becomes restless, active, or fidgety
Gets a headache or eyes hurt

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