Closing the gap
Between Potential & Achievement

Closing the gap
Between Potential
& Achievement

We provide one on one relationships that enable students to achieve their academic potential

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We provide the building blocks for learning success.

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Specializing in the Diagnosis & Remediation of
Learning Differences

Offering learning support for students' needs today and tomorrow.

Our Mission is to

  1. Serve students of all ages
  2. Meet diverse educational needs through specialized and individual therapies
  3. Help parents navigate the educational process

Our Services

Assessment & Diagnosis

We complete diagnostic evaluations to identify intellectual, perceptual, and academic strengths, weaknesses, and disparities.  These include a written report with…

Academic Support

We provide individualized and comprehensive learning support tailored to the identified weaknesses holding students back from achieving their potential.…

Cognitive Skills Training

We realize that many learning struggles are the result of undeveloped or underdeveloped processing skills.  We address these weaknesses first…

Other Services

We offer complementary assessment for attention and visual-perceptual difficulties.  These approaches can be used as stand-alone services or in conjunction…

Educational Assessment Services

Educational therapy addresses the underlying learning skills that affect students’ academic performance. These skills might include visual and auditory processing, attention, focus and memory skills.

Our Address

Our Address

4545 Bissonnet Suite 215,
Bellaire, TX 77401

Our Phones

Our Phones

Office:  +1 713-666-9343

Mobile: +1 713-419-2100

Working Hours

Working Hours

Monday - Thursday

10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Other hours by appointment